VIGSØ, which is located in Horsens, Denmark, is now the primary point of contact for Kuzar in the country, with exclusive access to the lifting towers, truss structures and stage decks.

VIGSØ sales wants to expand in Denmark and has already a proven track record for being a reliable and technically skilled distributor, providing adequate support and able to create this extra added value a brand needs to intrude the market.

Both parties hereby proudly communicate the appointment of VIGSØ Sales as the Danish exclusive distributor for Kuzar range of products.

Ben Sinclair, Sales Manager of Kuzar states:

“We have a great team behind Kuzar, one which takes prides in every aspect of their work so that our customers and clients receive total satisfaction. We place great importance and invest heavily on R&D and use only the highest-grade components in each product we manufacture. We see that same company policy also with VIGSØ.

We are glad that we found with VIGSØ, a young team of enthusiastic people who have the right spirit to be successful. They have shown us, that they are building for the future and their ambitious plans fit us perfectly.”

Kenneth Jakobsen, Head of Sales of VIGSØ Sales states:

“When we read the first reports about Kuzar and saw their products, we were immediately enthusiastic. After getting acquainted with the Kuzar team and getting to know their passion and drive, getting to know the product, we were pretty quick to see that this would be a nice addition to our portfolio. We are proud to receive everyone in our new HQ in Horsens and to show Kuzar, next to all the brands that we already represent. We are looking forward to working with Ben Sinclair and his team.”